Ron McBurnie
The Temptation of St. Antony


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"The large Temptation of St Antony etching is made up of eight panels printed from large zinc etching plates onto rag paper.

The work itself took 12 months to complete and draws its references from historical texts and images that record the life of the early Christian saint. These references include Athanasius’ third century biography and Martin Schongauer’s famous engraving of St Anthony. The first twenty chapters of the biography are written into the sky section of the artwork while the position of the floating saint has many similarities to 15th and 16th Century depictions of St Antony during his trials and tribulations.

I placed my St Antony floating above part of the city of Brisbane where the Atcherley was being demolished. The saint is held back from further heavenward elevation by the cords of household appliances and other trappings of our consumer society." - Ron McBurnie

Date: 1994
Medium: Hard ground etching and aquatint
Plate size: 200 x 200cms (eight plates)
Edition: 15

The image below shows the complete Temptation of St. Antony with all 8 images.
If you click on each plate image you will see that particular image in more detail.

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